APG Local Ad Agency Alabama
APG Local Ad Agency Alabama
APG Local Ad Agency Alabama
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APG Local is a premier Advertising Agency serving several states. We are a results based and transparent reporting firm that gets the results you need and at a budget you can afford. Over 1,100 satisfied clients

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Drive Direct Engagement

Is your business trying to get engaged with your audience when they are ready to buy? We have the solutions for you to be directly engaged and ready to go when your potential audience is.

Cultivate Audience Interaction

You need to be available when your potential lead is, are you? It's 2am, you're asleep. Is your website? We can help talk to your potential clients when you are not.

Create Brand Awareness

Is your business trying to get your brand recognized and in the public's eye? Does your market area even know who you are? We have the solutions for your business to get the recognition and attraction that it deserves.

Understand Your Audience

Do you know where they are and what they're looking for? Are you informed enough to attract potential customers? By optimizing audiences to your local needs and delivering customized creatives, we can cultivate effective campaigns.

Prepare Your Consumers

Ok, your potential customer is finally ready to buy, are you ready and able? Are you even visible to your potential leads? Are you there when you need to be? We have the solutions for your business to get the clients it deserves.

Generate Buzz

Need to create a buzz around your business or it's services and products? Boost-A-Posts are about as effective as yelling out a window "Come one, come all!". APG can open up avenues only available to agencies. Utilize our methods and outlets to get eyes on your brand.


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APG Local Ad Agency Alabama
APG Local Ad Agency Alabama
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Let our proven, successful team generate a prominent web presence, making it easy for consumers to find your business. APG’s expertise will build your web and brand presence within your community through your site and promotional materials. By providing personalized service to you, your APG analyst will ensure your website and any content we create are custom tailored to suit your needs.


Without great web presence, consumers will not know where or how to find your business. We can create and manage an accurate network of listings to ensure every customer seeking you out will find the correct information. Our experience in search engine marketing and optimization will guarantee that eyes are always focused on your company.

APG Local Ad Agency Alabama

The Vulcan statue in Birmingham is the largest iron-ore statue in the world.

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The 100

The coffee table magazine that features your community's best.


The 100 is a magazine showcasing the best businesses in your area, complete with community highlights, events and custom-tailored to your locale.


The Greater Coupon is a community based coupon magazine that highlights local companies with local products. The APG area magazines are distributed to each community we serve three times per year to every household in each community we serve with it.

Greater Coupon Magazine

Find out the easiest way to offer deals and incentives to your local customers.

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