Millions of commuters hit the roads every day, most of them use traffic apps to save time. Waze lets you turn these opportunities into potential clients by placing your business directly on their travel map.


Our waze advertising team doesn’t stop until you succeed.

Very few agencies out there even offer Waze advertising yet, we took the initiative to begin offering Waze ahead of the curve to our clients. We will tap into a mobile market of drivers in your area that are curious and interested about your business. 


A boost in customer traffic:

An average of a 20% increase is seen with almost all businesses that advertise their listings on Waze.

Multiple ad types:

With several options to catch people’s eyes, Waze can be surprisingly effective at convincing audiences to make the trek to your business.

Immediate results:

With Waze, your ads will be displayed the moment we submit them. There is no “warm up” period for most individuals that use Waze, resulting in increased traffic and demand in a short amount of time.

Waze APG Local Advertising
APG Local Ad Agency Alabama
APG Local Ad Agency Alabama

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