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Local Business Listings Management

Andy Entrekin - APG Local


Andrew Entrekin, Founder APG Local

Hey Everyone, you may be here because your APG Marketing Specialist is BEGGING you to consider our Listings Services. Guess what, they are ABSOLUTELY correct. This truly is one of our best and most valuable services. And do we have massive amount of data to prove it. This, hands down, will be the best investment you can make for your business.

APG Local’s Business Listing Management system creates new business listings citations and updates existing data on up to 92 search and publisher networks, professional references, nearby inquiry sites, and map systems and geo reference sites. While auditing these postings, we guarantee they are precise, predictable, and extraordinary to every business over the nearby local environment. APG Local also maintains these listings on a day to day basis.

We clean, add or edit your professional information and present your data to the four significant information aggregators: InfoUSA, Infogroup, Acxiom, Localeze and Factual.

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These information aggregators audit and circulate this data to the nearby professional reference sites that buy into their services or API’s. For instance, destinations like Bing, Google My Business, Yahoo, Yelp, and Tripadvisor regularly depend on data from Professional Agencies like APGLocal.com.

This implies on the off chance that you didn’t have a posting on these destinations or your posting has mistaken data, the destinations would just process the progressions once the update from local aggregators was done and accessible for deployment. This procedure regularly takes somewhere in the range of 6-14 weeks relying upon the aggregator and update pattern of the individual site or catalog.

At the point when you take a crack at our Local Business Listing Management system, there are various advances we take notwithstanding presenting your information to the four significant aggregators. These include:

Routinely observing your postings and posting score.

Monitoring Reviews

Refreshing your organization data when required.

Removing duplicate listings

Ensuring that you have a posting on the most relevant referral sites for your local area.

Distinguishing areas or postings that need consideration.

Q: On the off chance that APG local will address the entirety of all my data on these registries, for what reason do I have to keep on paying for this system every year? When all my data is right, I ought to have the option to drop this service………

Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly that straightforward. The data used to populate your local professional listing originates from various sources, so on the off chance that you choose to quit dealing with these publisher networks, their exact data and any relevant information with it typicall degradates or all out vanishes over a short period of time and the listing will go back to what it was or purge completely if you were not there before. What is the first thing that comes to mind when one day a business listing was there then months later it was gone? Well naturally you think the business is Out of Business. Typically our plans are VERY affordable and start around $99 per month for our starter package.

Furthermore, different data aggregators in the end make a new copy of your business listing that should be removed expeditiously so as to ensure your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will stay true and correct. Duplicate listings can have a profound negative effect on your site/SEO. Regardless of whether you, as of now, have existing duplicate listings, we’ll work to expel or remove them.

Q: My business data is correct on Google so isn’t that significant since they are the driving force on search? All of these other platforms sound insignificant so why should I care about being listed on them or not?

Fantastic question and there is a massive amount of data on this. First of all there are several sites that are travel, food, medical, sports and so on that are specific to these industries that reign large within hat element.

Also, are you an iPhone user? Well then Bing is the primary driver behind Siri searches. Why would they use Google? Google offers a competitive platform called Android! Also, recently I started using Amazon’s Alexa to do some in-home off hand searches. Getting my point?

Also, Google scans these sites on nearly a daily basis and when your information is spread throughout it makes for some of the best SEO we have seen.

Look at the Analytics immediately following after we added a local business to our listings services. In 15 days we took this customer from 8 users per day to 39! Yep, it makes a huge difference.

Q: I am paying APG Local to advertise and run marketing campaigns for my business now, why should I pay for these services?

Advertising and marketing is a form of “solicited engagement” while our Listings Services are more of a “directive” campaign or engagement. These are two different services, with that being said, we wholeheartedly condone clients to START with Business Listings Services as it is the bedrock of the foundation. With listings services people must see or search for you. With our marketing solutions we go to the people and bring them to you.

Q: Does this really work, will it really make a difference whether on Yelp or some other site I am not listed or incorrectly listed with my business name, address or phone number?

Having reliable site URLs, business categories, and NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) over all the publisher networks we find to be some of the best Google cross-reference segment for off-site SEO for a business that works locally. That is first on the list.

Having accurate Name, Address and Phone Numbers over these significant postings will expand the on site SEO work. On site SEO can only go so far until you will need off site SEO to reference back to your site. This is the real game changer here.

Q: If I have more than one location, do I need one service or multiple?

Since our Business Listings Services are geo-referenced and not just business name based, each physical office area speaks to itself. It will have different address, typically phone number along with its respective reviews. APG Local does offer businesses with three or more locations a discount to help out. Call or contact us today to discuss how we can handle this.

How do stack up on reviews or your competitors? Use our free tool to scan your business today – it’s FREE

Q: What are the majority players in the publishers network?

Whew, there are quite a few. Some are travel, medical, restaurant based. Below is the bulk of the list.