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12 Tools to check your Website Speed - Essential
for a good website

This is APG Local’s “Dozen Eggs” tool kit. We will share it with you. Building the site is not the real challenge, it is making it efficient. About 75% of the time when we acquire a client from a previous company their site is in atrocious condition. This can have an effect on your spend with SEM (Search Engine Marketing). It looks pretty, but it is a resource hog and has terrible quality scores from Google and others. What good is a website in the event that it doesn’t load quick right? Your guests will rapidly change to your rival if your website is slower than a turtle. Slow websites additionally rank lower in results as speed is a urgent factor in SEO. In fact Google has been quite tough on this over the past 5 years and seem to be enforcing it even more.



Look below as APG Local outscores several other local agency websites. 


APG Local Website Speed as compared to other Agency's

Hire someone who can do it for themselves. Talk is cheap



APG Local has a very complicated site, with an incredible amount of moving parts, databases and client login’s that many of the other sites do not have. In fact 3 of these sites are quite dated, and they call themselves an Ad Agency? How do you promote yourself to help or assist others when, quite honestly, you need help yourself. This comparison was via GTmetrix on 4/9/2020.



APG Local Website Speed as compared to other Agency's

A comparison to APG Local’s website to other agencies that are far less.


So you should ensure that your website execution is ideal when comes to speed. Is there an approach to check your website speed? There are quite a few different ways. Right now, I will cover 13 free websites to run a your website’s speed test. These websites are free and furnish you with a point by point examination of your website execution so you can optimize website speed.


It is significant that your website loads quicker on mobile sites as more and more search is being done on phones. Since most of web traffic originates from cell phones, the versatile website speed test has gotten significant. Since Google Speed Update, Page Speed is far more important on mobile devices and tablets. It’s a well known fact that web crawlers favor websites that load quicker when contrasted with their rivals. These 13 websites will you give an understanding in regards to how quick your website truly is. A portion of these websites typically will give you some general suggestions.


Every one of these sites will assist you with breaking down your website on various elements. They will likewise give you a breakdown of how various components of your website load. This will assist you with addressing distinct components of your website. In any case, recollect that each device utilizes various measurements to figure website speed. In this way, you shouldn’t contrast results got by one with another to that of another. Simultaneously, remember that you can generally utilize information from various sites to recognize opportunities to make your website quick. In view of this, Let’s examine these websites:



Best of the Web Page Speed and Load Websites

  1. Page Velocity
  2. SEO Site Speed
  3. Google PageSpeed Insights
  4. Google’s Test My Site
  5. Dot Com Tools
  6. Pingdom
  7. GTmetrix
  8. Webpagetest
  9. Geek-Flare
  10. Up Trends
  11. Key CDN
  12. Varvy


Pagelocity lets you perform a quick performance analysis of your website and get the website optimization process going.

The test features the following:

  • A grading system for On-Page SEO, Performance, and Code Insights. These are marked on the scale of 100 percent.
  • On-page SEO analysis that provides insights about keywords, headings, and links.
  • The Performance analysis reveals the number of elements/items each page has and how they can be improved
  • Code Insights provide useful information about your markup, Class Ids, tags and more.

SEO Site Speed

This site checks your website for SEO performance. It makes search engine optimization pretty easy. It provides a user-friendly analysis for your sites SEO.

SEO Site Speed also provides data for the following parameters that are used in speed tests.


Google PageSpeed Insights

If you are using Google Chrome, then you have a website tool built-in with your internet browser. One of the developer tools that come with Google Chrome is the power to see the waterfall breakdown for any website that loads into the browser.

Follow these steps to get your waterfall breakdown:

  • Choose Network
  • Enter the URL you want to test in the address bar and hit enter
  • You will see the waterfall breakdown for the site once it is loaded
  • Right Click in Google Chrome.
  • Select Inspect from the menu

Google Test My Site

Google Test My Site is a feature of the Think with Google movement. This site gives you the information you need to optimize your website for mobile devices. This site caters exclusively for website performance on mobile devices. Fast websites load within a second or two. Average sites start to load in 1.5 to 2.5 seconds. Sites that take more than 2.5 seconds to load are considered slow. You can benchmark your site speed against others.

This site can wear your site builder out and keep them drinking coffee at 2am. It is a very precise tool with NO forgiveness. It also generates a report of all the steps you have completed which you can download at no cost.



Dot Com Tools

Dotcom-tools lets you test your website speed in real browsers from about 25 locations throughout the world.

Dot Com Tools test features:

  • Detection of slow/missing elements
  • Complete waterfall report, charts, and graphs
  • Free – no sign up required
  • Browser-based load time testing of page elements
  • Test via Chrome, Firefox and mobile browsers
  • Results from nearly 25 global locations


One of my favorites and go to when we finish a site. Pingdom is a global performance and availability monitoring solution for your website. It offers a comprehensive monitoring platform that can help you deliver a positive web experience to your customers.




Well I will say it twice in a row. This is another of APG Local’s go to tools when measuring a sites performance. GTmetrix is one of the best alternatives to PageSpeed Insights when it comes to measuring the performance of your site.

While Google’s PageSpeed mostly focuses on colors and score to guide users through its recommendations, GTmetrix counts on a more classic interface, where its waterfall plays the leading role. Several customization options make the job with GTmetrix easy and reliable.




You can run a free website speed test from multiple locations around the globe using real browsers (IE and Chrome) and at real consumer connection speeds. You can run simple tests or perform advanced testing including multi-step transactions, video capture, content blocking and much more. Your results will provide rich diagnostic information including resource loading waterfall charts, Page Speed optimization checks and suggestions for improvements.




This tool checks the loading time of your website across desktop and mobile devices from various locations. It provides the following essential metrics:

  • Checks the size of your web page.
  • Checks the number of requests made to load the web page.
  • You can sort out the number of requests as per content type, e.g. images, HTML, CSS and so on.
  • Displays Waterfalls and the requests from within
  • Time To First Byte received from the web-server to a client’s browser
  • Measures the time taken to load the full web page on desktop or mobile

Up Trends

Proactively test your website – up to 1 minute intervals – with a real browser using their 218 worldwide checkpoints. Know when something breaks before your customers.

Quickly identify the source of web performance issues in Chrome, Firefox and IE. Receive load-time alerts, and view errors in easy-to-use waterfall reports.




This Website Speed Test tool is a full page speed test that can be performed from 14 different locations around the world. It allows the performance of any URL to be tested and measured. The results returned will give you a break down of the requests, content size, and loading time. In addition there is a complete waterfall that details the timings and HTTP headers of each asset. The Website Speed Test tool allows you to evaluate the performance of your website to see where improvements can be made.

You can also see the HTTP status code as follows:

  • 2xx: Server responded with a successful code
  • 3xx: the request was redirected to another target
  • 4xx: A client error
  • 5xx: A server error


“The dude I met in Puerto Rico”, kind of a funny story but Varvy started with a guy in Puerto Rico catching a break and building a tool to keep the size of a site low.

Varvy is an online SEO tool and analyser which helps you in a very detailed report of “implemented and not implemented” optimization based on Google’s guidelines.

This includes Speed testing report, On page SEO report and mobile optimization report based on Google’s mobile-friendly guidelines.

Varvy is managed and by its founder and he writes about how every element like speed, schema markup, AMP, HTTP header etc. are important for your search optimizations.


There are three tools Vavry offers Speed Test, Mobile Analyzer and SEO Results.



Take some time and work through these sources. If you grow frustrated or would like some help, feel free to contact us, as we are a no hype, no hassle firm with over 1,100 clients.



Cheers everyone and happy trails on your website quest.