By using a call tracking number on your ads, we can effectively track the number of calls generated from your ads. This allows you to identify the return on investment from your marketing dollars and listen to your calls.


Our call tracking team doesn’t stop until you succeed.

Our goal is to always get your business calls. Calls will net you more sales and information on your buyers. Our call tracking system gives you far more information than what competitors can provide, from the location the call occurred at, to logging the actual call for you to reference later. APG Local is a prominent Advertising Agency that fully condones the use of it. If your current provider does not understand this or use this – that is a bad tell tale sign and most likely tells you their confidence of their solutions.


Boundless Advantages:

Gives you, the business owner the ability to reference and understand your clients more than ever before. Never lose a potential lead, recall details or important information you may not have been able to record during the call. You can even pinpoint locations where the calls took place to establish proximity.

APG Local Sharpspring Call tracking
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APG Local Ad Agency Alabama
APG Local Ad Agency Alabama