Live chat is instrumental in connecting and retaining business relationships. APG will provide a live chat service to help your customers. (Live Chat is 24/7 service that is monitored by real people to assist users with questions about your business with leads sent directly to you.)


Our live chat service team doesn’t stop until you succeed.

We review your services and determine the best fit for your business, live chat or chat bots. Get the personalization from us that others can’t hope to offer. We will script your chat options to best meet your customers needs and to clearly communicate your services.


Always Around:

Give your online customers personal contact that will advance and maintain your business. Clients and just as importantly, your potential clients will always have a response coming to them when they have questions. 


Live Monitored:

No worries of any client becoming frustrated from dealing with automated similar services that only feign responses or are actual chat bots. Show your customers you care enough about their interest in your business to make someone always available to them. When a chat is initiated your client is connected instantly to a real person ready to help them.


Lead forwarding:

We make lists of each chat request and person that uses your live chat services, letting you follow up on these potential leads. Boost your sales and more by knowing who your interested clients are.

APG Local Advertising Agency Live Chat
APG Local Ad Agency Alabama
APG Local Ad Agency Alabama
APG Local Ad Agency Alabama