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Each social media outlet you drive business through is unique and requires a certain approach. Our talented in-house team will manage and analyze your needs to lead strong facebook and instagram programs, netting strong responses to posts, content and any form of interaction.


Our social media management team doesn’t stop until you succeed.

Other companies would be happy to simply toss out a post on occasion and report the results. At APG Local, we take the time out to ensure your social media efforts are structured and consistently in the eyes of the consumer. 


Global Standard:

Social Media has become the standard around the world for many forms of interaction and communication. Billions of people can be reached with proper management and APG knows the best tools for the job.


Audience Utilization:

By analyzing and streamlining your social media content 


Order and Stability:

In social media management, consistency is key. Maybe you’ve never had the time before to keep up a consistent posting schedule, but that is where APG will come in. We will post what you need to be seen and do so on a set schedule, ensuring constant growth and expanded reach of your content.

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APG Local Ad Agency Alabama

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