Website Critique

Website Critique


So you’ve got a website? Great! Do you know what your website’s SEO score is? Do you know if you have any errors on your site?
At APG Local we give you all the info you need to stay informed on the health of your site. Within your dashboard you can find reports on your full website. Featuring info on backlinks, SEO scores, your rank, how you stack up against your competitors., and more!


Our Website critique team doesn’t stop until you succeed.

We offer this service not only to the clients whose website we build, but to all of our digital clients! If your business has a website we include this data into your dashboard at no charge to you. At APG Local we believe in transparent and detailed data for our clients. We always want our clients to be informed so they can make the best decision for their business!

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Custom detailed reports sent directly to you once a month as well as your own unique dashboard you have full access to see your data  24/7. As well as support for any questions or breakdowns of your data. Many people pay for these services, as much as $99 per month. At APG Local there is no cost for this as it is a service with any business that has a digital marketing solution in place. It’s called “doing it correct”.

APG Local Website Critique
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