Retargeting is a form of targeting users from their online activity such as website views, search history, and ads viewed or clicked. Retargeting tags online users by including a pixel within the target webpage or email, which sets a cookie in the user's browser, allowing us to show them ads based on that activity. Retargeting is a great medium to reach those that have either shown interest in your offerings or your website. A great avenue to stay current with your potential audience.


Our retargeting team doesn’t stop until you succeed.

We take time to design your campaigns with unique ads specially for retargeting users that are similar with your brand, have already visited your site, or websites like yours in order to drive sales from users “on the fence” about going through with their purchase. With retargeting we can stay current and consistent with your audience. There is an art form to create the proper messages to grab a potential leads attention and then create a conversion to your site or through a phone call. 


Designed for your business

Campaigns and ads designed with cultivating call to actions, driving traffic to the best pages on your site in order to increase your conversions and the awareness of your brand. contact now

APG Local Ad Agency Alabama Retargeting
APG Local Ad Agency Alabama
APG Local Ad Agency Alabama
APG Local Ad Agency Alabama