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APG Digital Questionnaire

Dr B. Young
Dr B. Young Owner – Regional Dental Center Read More

Between their service and APG’s Rep servicing our account for years, we have a better understanding of how to engage and what to expect than ever before. With constant reviews of our account and an endless open communication line directly to APG , it has been a breath of fresh air dealing with a responsible company like this. Well done guys, thanks again, Bruce.
David Helms
David HelmsOwner – Professional Opticians Read More
I have been an APG Local customer since 1999. Between their service and their commitment to our local community they have been a pleasure to do business with. They are both happy to serve and fast to communicate making the relationship so much easier to communicate my goals and ambitions efficiently.

D Keenum
D KeenumOwner – Heritage Outdoors Read More

For 8 years now APG has been consistently reliable and always easy to email or call. When I have a question they answer within literally hours. That is why I have been a customer for 8 years. I was with AT&T before, never again.

Dr T Drummond
Dr T DrummondOwner – Ranbow City Pet Clinic Read More

Andy and his team at APG Local are always there when you need them. We have been a customer for nearly 16 years now. I have been through them all, when it comes to returning calls, quick response and talent APG is right there. Hard to go wrong. Always willing to give you all the details and data you need.

C Smith
C SmithOwner – Freshii Franchisee Read More

From the original meeting we had I could tell that APG actually cared about our immediate needs. Multiple campaigns were set up and I wanted to start at levels I asked APG to set. APG set a spend ;evel that I thought was lower than expected, well surprise to me that weeks later and 11% higher sales in one store and nearly twice that in the other, I a SOLD. What a good group to deal with. Open and Honest, I wish they all could be like this. What a refreshing change.

C Rose
C RoseOwner – Hearthside Grove Read More

After engaging with APG Local we were able to take our brand to levels that were above our expectations. Taking advantage of their programs, all under one roof, made the process so much easier. Over 1500 phone calls on under 1K$ per month spend was just simply incredible. What we like is they care more about phone calls than clicks

Clark Hall
Clark HallOwner – Clark Hall Law Firm Read More

APG Local helped our Law Firm leverage our website and reach out to potential clients via their Live Chat services. In a little over 4 months the Firm has generated well over 30 new Clients. This is a tremendous benefit for both the Firm and our new Clients. What a game changer! This is a MUST for Businesses.

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