The Importance of Advertising during the Coronavirus

The importance of advertising during the coronavirus


There is so much information floating around regarding COVID-19: how to avoid it, proper hand-washing techniques, practicing social distancing, what to do if you get the virus and more.
But outside of personal concerns, there are added professional concerns for small business owners trying to minimize financial impact on their businesses during this time.

The issue on everyones mind plays out one of two ways. Sit still and close your doors, or take action now and thrive in this market.

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Long story short, yes. Absolutely.

It’s understandable that during times like this, many businesses come to a standstill, choosing to close operations and ceasing all attempts to advertise until things blow over. However, by waiting around and not being proactive, you are guaranteeing your business will be starting from behind again once normalcy resumes. 

Now is the perfect time to push your business online. With so many sheltering in place, more eyes are on screens than ever, making for a perfect advertising storm. People working from home, parents homeschooling their kids and individuals who are simply avoiding close contact make the audience for online or internet TV based advertisements larger than ever. 

Wouldn’t you want to open your doors to more clients than ever before in a few weeks? Get ahead of your competitors while they sit still and push your business, services or products.

An interesting video from our Founder about specific conditions you could use for your business during COVID-19 Epidemic


By partnering with us at APG Local, you can look forward to seeing interest in your business soar while we promote you on multiple avenues only available to agencies. Our SEM advertisement services at this time are especially effective with proper keyword targeting. We will reach out to your clients via email to show them your concern and care or that you are prepared, open and ready for customers. 

Don’t sit by and let this chance to get to know your audience better. Tell potential new customers about your services and build up buyers for the future while also getting ahead of the competition.

Contact us immediately to get started before wasting any more time!

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