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APG Display

Display Advertising

APG Display builds brand awareness where consumers are spending their time online. With a variety of advanced targeting techniques, we put your display ads in front of local consumers across the web, so your brand is top of mind when they're ready to buy.

  • Build brand awareness with your target audience
  • Reach more consumers through an extensive network of sites
  • Lift the results of your other advertising efforts
display ad showing

Build Your Brand

We build brand awareness by showing your display ads to consumers as they browse popular entertainment, news, sports, and specialty sites. And, when combined with APG Search search engine advertising, APG Display can lift the results of your overall advertising efforts. 

target your audience

Target Your Ads

We offer many targeting options to reach the right audience, including geographic targeting, premium site targeting, behavioral targeting, and Facebook advertising. Plus reach even more consumers with APG Retargeting, which shows your display ad to people who have visited your website, keeping your brand top of mind with your most interested prospects. 

track and optimize display ads

Track & Optimize

APG Display's optimization technology gets your ads on the sites and networks that are most effective at bringing consumers to your business. Plus, it tracks and reports your campaign activity including ad impressions, website visits, and conversions, so you can see exactly how your campaign is performing. 

Want to build awareness for your brand? Let us help.