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APG Retargeting

Website Retargeting with Expanded Audiences

APG Retargeting keeps your business top of mind with only the most interested consumers. By putting powerful banner ads in front of the people who are most likely to take action, you can generate even more awareness, engagement, and leads from your digital marketing.

  • Create top-of-mind awareness with previous website visitors and bring them back
  • Reach new audiences based on characteristics, behaviors, and online activities
  • Elevate your brand across leading sites and mobile apps
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Grow Brand Awareness Across the Web & Mobile

We help you create engaging banner ads in the best sizes and formats for desktop, mobile, and apps, so you never miss an opportunity to reach an interested consumer with your message. Your ads are distributed on top news sites, blogs, specialty sites, and more, helping you reach over 90% of consumers in their favorite places online. Plus, your campaign is continually optimized so your ads reach the most possible consumers for your budget. 

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Retarget Your Most Recent Website Visitors

You drive a lot of visitors to your website through your marketing, but sometimes those visitors leave without contacting you. APG Retargeting shows your ads to your recent site visitors as they visit other popular websites and mobile apps in our network, keeping your brand top of mind. By helping you bring those highly targeted consumers back to your website when they're ready to make a purchase, site retargeting boosts the results of all your marketing efforts.

grow brand awareness

Expand Your Reach to New, Interested Audiences

Expand your ads' reach by targeting additional consumers who are good fit for your business. APG Retargeting creates new audiences based on information like shared audience characteristics, online behaviors, recent search history, and purchase intent. By showing ads to new, relevant audiences, we elevate your brand and entice more consumers to engage with you and make a purchase. 

What You Get

Marketing expert who sets up, manages, and monitors the success of your campaign

Campaign setup, including website pixel delivery and collection of ad creative

Support for multiple creative sizes and formats for delivery on web, mobile, and apps

Access to top ad networks covering 90% of internet users across web and mobile

Placement of your ads on popular, highly visited websites and top rated mobile apps

Continuous targeting that shows your ads repeatedly over time

Ongoing optimization that delivers the most relevant ad views for your budget

Monthly reporting showing performance metrics like ad views, clicks, and conversions

Audience Targeting Programs


Site Retargeting

Show your ads to consumers who have visited your website. Optionally, you can expand your reach to lookalike audiences with traits and interest similar to your site visitors. 

  • Website retargeting-only option
  • Optional lookalike audience can be turned on or off at any point in the campaign
  • National, DMA, and multi-city geographic targeting


Search + Site

Show your ads to consumers who have visited your website and to those who have shown purchase intent by searching for keywords related to your products and services.

  • Includes website retargeting and keyword search retargeting throughout campaign
  • National, DMA, city, and radius targeting