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Andy Entrekin
Andrew R. Entrekin founded the company in 1999. Living in St. Louis, MO and working in the Alabama area since 1992, he moved to Rainbow City, AL and started Alabama Publishing Group, commonly known as APG. The company transitioned into a multimedia platform company with over 2,000 clients.
Jinger Entrekin
Sales Management
Jinger Entrekin came all the way up through the company. She originated as a data entry clerk and now she leads sales.
Gina Battles
Sales Executive
Gina Battles came to APG from a medical management and marketing background. Gina has been with APG for several years and is an excellent person to help analyze your business' digital presence.
Maria Hayes
Sales Executive
Maria is very involved in our community and is passionate about helping others succeed. Her desire is to help get leads through the door of local businesses and will work with you to help find the solution that best suits your needs.
Christy Turner
Sales Executive

Christy is a great people person and specializes in our digital services. Call Christy to learn more about how we can grow your business. 

Chelsea Sheppard
Sales Excutive
Chelsea is a great people person with a passion for sales and the analytical side of lead production. Chelsea handles sales in our The 100 publication and the Coupon Magazines. Let Chelsea show you our suite of lead generation products today!
Pam Dean
Accounting, Community Outreach
Pam has been in sales for quite some time. She came to us from the insurance industry. Pam has experience in both our Print and Internet marketing.
Baylee Teal
Digital Developer
Baylee is a website designer as well as a videographer. She constructs website designs and APG content.
Cyndi Cagle
Graphics and Design
Cyndi Cagle has been with APG for 13 years. She handles ad creation and digital design.
Jason Nicorvo
Digital Sales Executive


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