Make the Jump – Are you tired of the Corporate Mumbo Jumbo you keep getting?

We have heard so many terrible stories and situations we just want you to know that there are better options out there than the AT&T’s and Comcast/Spectrum’s

Good day!  We at Alabama Publishing Group are excited to announce our latest product, APG Local, and to explain how it can bring leads to your door.  APG Local utilizes the platform that won the 2016 Google Quality Account Champion – North America. This is huge and I am sure you understand why. It doesn’t stop there, the platform then won 2016 Google Innovation Champion Award.


We at APG will provide your company with the marketing support it truly deserves to compete in the online marketplace. Along with access to the most revolutionary online marketing platform in North America, hands down. We bring our 17 years of local marketing expertise to ensure that we at APG provide your company with the world-class service you deserve.  We at APG can put leads in your hands and through your door by creating custom marketing campaigns to directly impact your business.  I will not overwhelm you with technical details through a mailer, but I would love to schedule a meeting to further discuss how we can ensure a true return on your advertising investments by placing your business in front of 98% of the websites that local people choose to search.

Both our teams and our platform work around the clock every single day of the year to ensure the greatest impact for our clientʼs investments.  Some of our almost 2,000 current customers found their businesses flatlining as online shopping has been on the rise for years.  As their local marketing consultants, we could not standby and allow their businesses to flatline or for them to be price-gouged for services we weren’t originally offering.  So utilizing the stability of our 17 years doing business locally, we brought in a new partner to present to you – APG Local.


You may ask how we at APG will accomplish the heavy task of helping you grow your business.  In a simple word, transparently.  Your Search Engine Marketing costs are totally transparent. We offer direct analytics to your marketing platform and only charge a simple management fee for Search Engine Marketing campaigns, much less than our competitors and their profit margins due to our companyʼs efficient business practices and direct management.  What does this mean for you?  You get exactly what you pay for and know exactly what that is.  Attached you will find a simple example proposal of how inexpensively we can help impact your daily business by putting your business directly in front of valuable online shoppers.


To learn more or set-up a meeting with one of our internet marketing specialist, contact us today by calling at 256-442-6620 or email me directly at [email protected].

We look forward to working with you soon!

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