APG Values Coupon Magazine

The APG Area Magazines

The APG area magazines are a set of community based coupon magazines that highlight local companies with local products. The magazines are distributed to each community we serve three times per year to every household in each community we serve with it. 


  • Greater Gadsden, Alabama (Etowah County) 
  • Calhoun County 
  • Marshall County 
  • Dekalb County 
  • Cherokee County 

The sheer abundance of paper coupons, as well as their ease of use, is largely why they remain the discount method of choice, even among digitally savvy internet users.

Retailers rated the return on investment on coupons above average

retailers rated roi on coupons

Coupons are a major driver of purchases

More than twice as many consumers said they were driven to make a purchase based on a coupon compared with an ad from a brand. 

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